Arctis, LLC is owned and operated by Henning Bartel, a native of northern Germany, who chose southern California to be his new home in 1992.

Henning learned the tricks of the engineering & metal fabrication trade on shipyards of the port city of Bremen. Having had Siberian Huskies since 1997 and being involved in "urban mushing" activities since 2006, he was urged by some of his fellow local mushers to think about designing and manufacturing a training cart.

It had to be rugged enough for off road trails, yet easy to transport, with all the features of some of the higher end imported carts, readily available in North America and all of that at a reasonable price.

So, after about a year of designing, building and testing, redesigning, building and more testing, the first three wheeler was taken out first on the local trails in southern California and then shown at the Central Oregon Mushing Weekend in late 2008. The cart received great reviews by all mushers who took it out for a test run at Liz Parrish's Crystalwood Lodge.

It has since been featured on Alpine Outfitter's website, Mushing Magazine's podcast as well as numerous online and print articles. Our carts have been distributed to mushers throughout North America and successfully taken part in dryland races on the west coast, including top placements in the 4- and 6-dog sprint and mid-distance classes.

And yes, there's more to come!!


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