Cindy from California:
"Arctis Carts gets a Five Star rating from me. I absolutely love my cart. When driving the cart I always feel stable and in control regardless of the terrain. The steering is incredible and sharp turns are not a problem. The hydraulic disc brakes are spot on and the digger brake comes in very handy if I need to stop and get off the cart. The cart easily folds down for transporting and fits perfectly on my bike rack. I couldn’t have asked for a better built cart. Thank you Arctis Carts for building a great product that I intend on putting a lot of miles on!"

Erik from Wisconsin:
"I finally had a chance to get the cart out and really test it over varied terrain at a mushing boot camp in northern MN.It performed great and the people there were very impressed including the instructors.I had from 3 to 6 dogs hooked up at any one time and went through some pretty rocky,rough,muddy and uneven ground.The cart was stable,steered and handled well and felt good standing on for long periods of time.Digger brake worked great and held every time.The minor issues I had in the beginning were easily resolved and I am very happy with the performance and my decision to purchase your cart.Thanks for making a nicely designed and reliable cart.I look forward to many years of driving dogs on it."

Karen-Liane from California:
I don't know how I went so long without an Arctis Cart. Rear disk brakes and digger brake (for parking) are essential for training my dogs. The engineering is wonderful! Easy to fold down for transporting & easy to set up. I've had it on all kinds of terrain - some pretty rough. The worst was an unimproved trail that was meant for 4x4 motorized vehicles with good clearance or foot hiking. The dogs, cart & I all made it back safely & none-the-worse for wear. As much as I can't wait for snow, I know I'm going to miss that cart when snow comes - my sled will not handle anything like the Arctis Cart!! What an adjustment that's going to be for me!!"

A musher from Idaho:
The new cart has arrived and I will need to take some photos so that I can post here. It is made by Arctis carts and looks like it is going to be a very nice addition to our suite of training equipment here. It is similar in design to the carts made in Germany but with a few differences. It has a wider wheel base, and a slightly different dirt brake mechanism. At this point Arctis carts only come in a three wheel version. One of the nice features of this cart is that it has a very easy to use lever for the dirt brake, a feature not found on the German three wheel cart, at least when we purchased one. These two brands of carts are the only that we know of that have a dirt brake. We have been very impressed over the years by the the ability of this device to hold and control a team while out on the trail....At this point the cart steers very nicely, the same as our German carts. The Arctis cart certainly works quite well and I am pleased with it at this point.The clearance on the cart has been very nice, it is more than our German cart and that helps on some trails, especially if they are a two track with a bit of a ridge in the middle. I have been running a 6 dog team on the cart and it is doing well with that."


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